About Us

What is Rangii Studio?

Rangiistudio is an android based platform where your dreams can come true because at Rangiistudio we develop high definition android apps and games solutions with minimum cost starting from 10$. Today Google play store apps is the key secret to quickly earn and to be a rich in a short interval of time, but the problem is not everybody can write a code of android app, not even he can design it. The main theme behind the Rangiistudio is to provide not even the code files of android app yet, it provides all supports and everything to a client what he needs to be an entrepreneur without knowing a single bit of coding techniques.


Why you choose rangiistudio?

Because the best thing about Rangiistudio is that, it never comes with garbage, dull and wastage android codes and ideas, Rangiistudio everyday launches 10 new hit, trending, unique and best products in his store.
Not even this, here you can design and develop your own idea with minimum cost by hiring our team, we will work for you 24/7 with keen dedication and to provide you our best.
Rangiistudio works for small business people, middle developers, designers, Software engineers and moreover for the people who have zero knowledge of coding skills.
So join us and get millions of downloads to earn with Rangiistudio now.

Contact Information

Rangiistudio. Ltd
Address:- 18 A St – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Email:- support@rangiistudio.com
Phone:- 00 1 804 729 9192
Support Hours:- Mon – Fri (10am to 7pm)