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Differents styles of screenshots & layouts for single Source code with highly quality designs

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We are providing the best help desk to our customers through every possible aspect

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We are offered the fastest (24/Hrs ) delivery services to our 95% of customers

Reskin Same Layout plan is perfect for you, if you want to launch your own app in low price. There are many sites which are offering same services but their prices are high and not in the range of every person which want to start its own apps business. We have made it easy for all people to launch their own app in minimum price.

In “Re-skin Same Layout” plan, you will get a source code file of your desired app after the re-skin, which mean our team of skilled designers will re-design it and give this app a brand new design with same UI (User Interface), same app functionality and same placements of the buttons, slicing and everything which is using under this app.

You will get ready to publish app or game which is reskinned with same design but new graphics. No need to confuse in it, let it explain with easy example. If you select any app or game from our store and get our services of Reskin Same Layout.

Our expert designers will make quality graphics of this app according to same layout of all functionalities. Each buttons will remain on same place as they are but their design will different. You will get fresh ready to publish app with new color schemes and quality graphics.

If you get this plan 2 for a game, our experienced designers will make top quality graphics to reskin it with same user interface. All characters of that game will remain same but their color scheme will change with necessary changings of reskinning. You will get a fresh copy or reskinned game with same design and appearance with different color schemes.

This plane is perfect for you if you have limited budget. Hire us and let us reskin your favorite app and game in no time. So that you will be able to launch your own app without doing anything in low price than others.

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