What is RangiiStudio?

RangiiStudio is a software company which produces lots of products for Google play store, apps and games, and also deal with Games, and apps UI/UX, logo making, video making and complete Store listing services for google play store and apple store.
The special thing about rangii studio is that, it lets clients to do business of software industry even they don’t know the life cycle of software designing and building process. Without zero coding technique, one can make his own apps and games with us.

How to start Business with Rangii Studio?

Choose a product, pay us, make the deal. And we will work for you, and build your business of apps and games for google play store.

How much I can earn with Rangii Studio?

it always depends on the nature of game or app, and number of downloads on apps on console. If the app is premium how much downloads are, and what is the effective eCPM of ads serving.

Can I start this business even I don’t know about this?

One who has zero coding technique can start business with us, and we will do all work for him.

How can I pay to Rangii Studio?

You can pay through credit card, Bit coin and through Payoneer.

Can I have refund?

Yes, refund is made, if the quality is not good. Or if product is broken or not healthy.

How to create an app with RangiiStudio?

It is simple to create an app with us. We are offering code, graphics and re-skin include launching your app. You can buy any service of our professionals to create and launch your app/game.

Why do you hire RangiiStudio team for creating app/game?

We have team of experts in their fields with vast experience of professional working. If you are not good in programing and/or designing or you don’t know anything about both of them but want to enter in the business of apps market, you can hire our team in reasonable price and they will do all tasks to create and publish your app in Google Play Store.

You can also purchase only code without any bug or quality graphics of any app/game from RangiiStudio if you can do it by yourself.

 What will you get in Simple Plane?

If you purchase Simple Plane, we’ll provide you neat and clean code with detailed documentation, so that you will be able to easily make changings in the code in future like adding new feature etc.

What will you get in Re-Skin Same Layout plane?

In this plan you’ll get a code file of this app after the re-skin, which mean our expert Designer will re-design it and give this app a brand new design with the same UI interface, same app functionality and same placements of the buttons, slicing and everything which is using under this app.

 What will you get in Re-Skin Your Layout plane?

If you are not a developer or a middle developer, here both of our expert developers and designers team will work for your and will take or discuss app design with you, with entire change in internal design of the app. Our designing team will provide you a plenty of designs for this app to you and will be done it as per your suggestion and recommendations. You can also sketch the design of the app and our team mate will make it up for you.

 What will you get in Re-Skin same/Your Layout with Launch Services?

It is called the master plane where our whole floor will start begin work for you as you’ll order this plan. We’ll provide you every single content of your project which is compel to upload your android app. Just order it and sit back, we’ll work for you from first to last step.  We’ll design and develop your app according to your mind, test it, fix all of its bugs, integrate your ad ids, assign it for you and hence make it up till the final step.

Does RangiiStudio works on unique ideas of users?

Yes, we also offer to work on your own ideas of apps and games. If you have any unique idea about app or game and want to convert it in a real product to launch in apps market? Our team of professional developers and designers also handle every type of projects according to your idea. Hire and discus with us about your idea in detail, so that we will be able to start working on your dream idea to convert it into an actual app or game.

What is dedicated manager?

We’ll connect you with a dedicated manager of project if you purchase Re-skin & launch service package. He will keep in touch with in all time of making and publishing your app. You can discuss with him about your project in working hours. You can also connect with him after launching your app/game in apps market.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can make a purchase on RangiiStudio from Paypal 2Checkout. If it is not supported in your country, let us k now about it. So that we may redirect you to other payment method if possible.

Can I get a Refund?

Yes, we offer refund of your purchases. You can request for a refund within 14 days from original purchase. You can only request for a refund if only your purchased product has not such features which are mentioned on the listing page of that item.

Is my purchase eligible for a refund?

Your purchased app will eligible for a refund if you request for refund within 14 days of original purchasing date. It is also necessary to check all mentioned features of your purchased product from its listing page. Because you can only apply for refund with 14 days if there are less or different features in your purchased item from the features mentioned on its listing page.

What changes are necessary for you to do after purchasing an app template from RangiiStudio?

It is necessary for you to replace all graphics and sounds for submitting your new app to the Google Play Store. Remember, you don’t have the rights to publish an app with its original graphics. You can use original graphics if you purchase graphic app template but you have to customize the provided code to assemble your new app or game and finalize it for submission.

How can you buy Reskin service?

Select Reskin option and complete payment process for any app/game listing on RangiiStudio. Once your payment process complete, one of our dedicated project manager will connect to you to start the re-skin.

How can you earn from apps/games?

Most common and famous way to earn from an app/game is Ad. You can monetize your app with any mobile ad-network like AdMob, Unity, FAN, StartApp etc. After monetization, ads will start to show in your app. You can set different types of ads to show users i.e. banner ad, interstitial ad and rewarded video ad.

Second famous way to earn from your app is to add In-App purchases. If you have such call to action features in your app that users agree to pay for them i.e. power-ups, boosters and special features. You can add a virtual store in you app in “In-App Purchases”.

What is Ad Integration?

Ad Integration is a feature which enables ads into your app. There are different mobile ad-networks who are offering Ad Integration. For this, you have to sign-up on any of these networks to monetize your app with their ads.

What is monetization?

App monetization process enables your app to show ads of any mobile ad-network to users. If you want to earn from your apps or games, it is necessary for you to sign-up on any mobile ad-network and enables their ads into you app. This whole process is called App Monetization. When ads successfully show into your app, it is called your app is now monetized.

Which mobile ad-network is best?

There are many mobile ad-networks which are offering monetization to your apps/games. But AdMob, FAN, Unity and StartApp are most famous than all others. Because it is easy to monetize your apps with them and they have bigger ad-networks than others.

How do you change your username?

You can easily change your user name from Edit profile section after signing into your account.

How do you change your password?

You can change password of your account from Edit profile section then go to Password Change option.

 How do you change your email address?

You can change your email address of your account from Edit profile section then go to Email Change option.

What if you didn’t receive your verification email?

If you didn’t receive verification email? It may occur due to the server issue but it is very rare. Wait for few time and if still didn’t receive it, you can apply for it by clicking on “resend verification email” button.

What can you do if you’ve forgotten your username and/or password?

Don’t worry, simply click on Forget Username/Password on the sign-in page. Step by step complete each process and verify that it is actual you are who is requesting for username or password. A verification email will send into your given email account of RangiiStudio. Open it and get access to your account by following the simple instructions.