Make An App with us

RangiiStudio offers complete solution of making an app and game with everything that are necessary for you to launch your own app without any experience of coding and graphic designing.

You need to do only one thing, just select your favorite item from our vast collection of quality apps and games templates and feel free from all other necessary things of programing and graphics, because our professionals will do the rest of the work to make your quality app or game.

You are very close to make your dream of app come true.

Your time is very important and we know the value of time. Don’t waste your time by only dreaming of your own apps and games. Our responsive team of professionals make it actual possible to make your dreams come true. We handle your projects with high priority and deliver to you before the time with possible best quality.

If you don’t have professional experience or you don’t have time to make your dreamy apps or games, we are here for you to fulfill of your dreams and make it possible for you to launch your own app in apps market.

Quality Graphics: Our expert designers make HD graphics for your apps & games, including high quality Icons & screen shots.

Ad Integration: We integrate your app/game with most popular mobile ads-networks i.e. AdMob, Unity.

Warranty: You’ll get quality code of your app which will 100% bug free. Moreover, we’ll give you a warranty of 1 month about any issue in code.

Publish Your App: We’ll publish your app to apps market of Google Play Store. For this, we need some your personal information i.e. address, name, bank account details to enable the earning from your app to your bank account.

Dedicated Project Manager: You will also get access to a dedicated project manager, who help you if you face any issue from our side.

After wide research we’ve made it possible for about everyone to make an app or game. Remember, now day the theory of “making apps/games can be made by only big companies with huge budget” has changed and you can create an app/game by investing low budget of few hundred dollars.

If you have any hesitation, our team of professionals will guide you step by step to select your first app. There is no any doubt that business of apps & games is very exciting and you can start your own business with low risks and without any experience with RangiiStudio.

You can make handsome revenue with your app by different ways. Mobile Ad-Networks are first and easy way to start earning from your apps. You’ll find many templates of apps and games already integrated with Ad Networks.

Adding In-App Purchases is also a good way to increase earnings. You offer some specific items like power-ups, boosters or any special feature in limited quantities on different prices to users and users buy them from In-App Purchases.

We have written a complete guide that how you can earn from your apps by integrating them with mobile ads-networks. So that you will be able to get maximum knowledge from RangiiStudio to learn more about it.

Professionals of our team guide you with their all expertise about best monetizing companies to select from when they build your app.

It is very simple process for you to make apps with us. Just follow below mention 3 easy steps:

  • Explore our categories of app and game and select your desired templates.
  • After selection the template, communicate with dedicated manager of your project to decide the theme of it.
  • Sit freely and let our team to do all work of making the app for you. Now, you have your own quality app/game.