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1. Unit Converter!
2. Unit Converter!
3. Calorie Calculator!


A multi-unit converter app which converts lot of units, storage and calculate calories in human body according to gender and age.
Our developers have focused on code keenly and make it possible for you to edit it without the help of other programmers even if you are an intermediate or beginner programmer.
This units’ converter app is designed with cool graphics. The combination of easy user interface and HD graphics gives a pro look to the appearance of this app. You can easily reskin the graphics of this app if you have knowledge of designing.
Well written and well organized code allows you to make necessary changing in this app easily. Bugs free code enables you to easily understand and implement your own customization in it without any issue.

• Rich graphics
• Easy user interface
• Offline unit converter.
• Lot of units to convert in different units.
• BMI calculator
• BMR calculator
• Easy to reskin
• Neat and clean code
• Fast support
• Android 4.1 required
It is a simple unit converter app which is designed with bugs free code and quality graphics. Get complete project with our quick support which will help you at any step of making and launching this app.

If there is something that needed to be changed, Please let us know?

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