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1. Internet Speed Meter Lite!
2. V-SPEED Speed Test!
3. Internet Speed Meter!


Internet Speed Tester is a wonderful utility app which allows users to test speed of their internet on their android devices. No need to check internet speed on different sites, because this is a complete internet speed checker app which perfectly checks speed of mobile data internet speed, wifi internet speed and any other internet speed quickly.
Neat and clean bugs free code of this asset allows you to easily make changings in it without any trouble. You will get well written code which is easy to customize for programmers of any experience.
This app is designed with high quality graphics. You can easily reskin it by changing the graphics and color schemes but if you don’t have graphics skills or designer? Don’t worry because you can hire our expert designers to make top quality graphics include icon, banner, screenshots and others to redesign and reskin it.
Don’t worry if you have less experience of programming, we have written the code of this asset in such form that a newbie programmer can also understand it.
• User friendly interface.
• High quality graphics
• Perfect internet speed tester
• Wi-Fi internet speed tester
• Mobile data internet speed tester
• Easy to reskin
• Neat and clean code.
• Quick support.
• Required Android 4.1.
It is a simple downloader app which is designed with bugs free code and top quality graphics. Get complete project with our quick support which will help you at any step of making and launching this app.

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