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1. New 3D Launcher!
2. Personal Launcher!
3. Privacy Messages!


Privacy Launcher Guest Mode is amust have privacyprotection app which enables users to hide their personal privacy and phone settings by instantly enable child mode.
Don’t worry if you are new in programming, if you have basic knowledgeof programming, you can easily understand and make necessary changings in code files without any problem.
This privacy protection app is designed with high quality graphics, which gives eye-catching look to user. It is easy to reskin it but if you don’t have skills or time to redesign it, our expert designers are ready to do it for you.
This asset holds well written and well organized code which is easy to understand and easy to reskin for app developers of any experience.
How to use
Install app, set PIN password and set taps of lower volume button to convert your phone quickly into guest mode. By pressing upper volume button, you can set any app or folder to show or hide in private mode.
By default, you can switch your phone to child mode with 3 taps lower volume button. You can change it from 2 to 10 taps.
Whenever someone borrows your phone, just enable guest mode of to hide your personal settings and content. The visitor will never get access to your private data. Usercannot uninstall or install any app into your phone with this private mode app.
Get your phone back, taps on upper volume button, enter your PIN password and switchbackyour phone from guest mode to admin mode.
• Rich graphics.
• Easy user interface.
• Perfect privacy protection.
• Instant guest mode switcher
• Easy to reskin.
• Bugs free code.
• Fast support.
• Well written neat and clean code.
• Required Android 4.1.
Well organized and bugs free code enables you to make and launch this privacy protection app instantly in apps market. If you get complete project of this guest mode Android app, you will also get our quick support which will guide you at any step of making and launching this app into your developer account without any trouble.

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