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1. AppLock – Lock Apps, Fingerprint
2. App lock – AppLock free 2020


Super App locker 2021 is one of the best app lockers for all android users. Now users can fully protect their privacy by using this secure app.

This super-app locker gives to user’s excellent experience of pro app lockers. This new app lock 2021 makes you stress-free about leakage of your mobile app’s privacy like secret videos, personal pictures, and other apps by locking and hiding them into a secure apps vault with just one touch.

This app locker is completely designed with the latest features and unique graphics that give a cool look to the user’s phone device. Icon, banners, and screenshots of this app have been ready with HD resolution.

This app locker has been prepared with an efficient and well-organized source code. You will get a complete project of this app locker from Rangii studio at a reasonable price.

This app locker is completely well reskinned, and ready to launch on your Google Play store developer account. The more powerful and handsome income you can earn, by launching your apps and games on your Google Play developer account.

App Features

🗝Password lock

🗝Pin lock

🗝Pattern lock

🗝Well-designed themes
🗝Easy to use interface
🗝Lock your phone
🗝Lock any installed app
🗝Three different locks to secure apps
🗝Well written code

🗝Ads integration (Admob, Facebook, audience network)

🗝Unique app logo (2 best possible)

🗝Promotional screenshots (8 best possible)

🗝Feature banner (2 best possible)

🗝ASO based (package name, title, short description & long description)

🗝Assign 64-bit build (.aab file with Keystore)

🗝Promotional video

🗝Neat and clean source code

🗝Easy to use

🗝Well organized code

🗝Android 10 required

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