Simple App

Simple App is a very low price plan for developers. In this plan, you will get source code of any app or game, which is written in well-organized form. Code of all apps is tested several times and we assure that there is no any bug in our source codes.

This plan is best for everyone, even you are a beginner in coding of Android or Unity. Detailed information of every step enables you to easily understand the functionality and make it easy for you to update it according to your idea.

Explore the categories of our Android Apps and Unity games, select your desired product and get source code of any product. Reskin it with

new graphics, make necessary changings and launch your own app on Google Play. If you are a designer and want to launch your own app or game in apps market, then this plan is perfect for you. Get source code or your favorite product by exploring us, design quality graphics to reskin it, hire any programmer to reskin it for you or you can also hire our professional developers to do this for you in no time and get your ready to publish app.

If you have basic knowledge about Android Studio or Unity, you can also get benefits from this plan. Get source code of any product, hire a designer to make graphics to reskin it. You can also hire our skilled and experienced designers to make top quality graphic for your app and game. Make necessary changings in it and launch your own app.

We have tested code of each product several times on different devices, but if you still found any issue in it, you can contact us anytime. Let us know that what’s wrong in it and we will fix it for you in no time.

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Source Code

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