Tips to Get Rank in ASO

It is strongly recommended for you to follow the maximum instructions of ASO while publishing your app/game on Google Play Store. After publishing your app, there are still many hidden things which you have to know and follow like online marketing, app rating, app reviews and others.

So, let’s have a look that how to increase the ranking of your app in Google Play for more downloads and more earnings.

After publishing your app on Google Play, you need to balance the following things as much as you can for better ranking of your app in store.

Number of Installs

It depends that how much users download your app daily. If number of downloads of your app is increasing frequently, it is an ideal factor to rank your app high. If your app downloads are decreasing of very low, you can increase them by running an online ad campaign.

  • Installs
  • Unistalls

Number of Uninstalls

If your app is getting more downloads, it’s good. But users download your app and then uninstall it, this is a very bad impact which instantly decrease your app ranking in the algorithm of Google Play. Look after your app by enhancing its quality and add necessary features which attract users to not uninstall it.

Install Growth

Google algorithm also check install growth of apps which decides the ranking of them. First your number of installs count on daily basis then different algorithms check the installation ratio on weekly and monthly basis and then the average Install Growth labeled on your app by Google Play Algorithms. Increasing of download growth is a plus point which helps to rank your app high in Google Play and its search pages.

5 Star
4 Star
3 Star
2 Star
1 Star

Reviews & Ratings

One of the most important things which effect on the raking of your app is Reviews & Ratings from users in Google Play Store. You need more positive reviews with five stars ratings to rank your app high. It also depends on Total reviews and ratings and on the number of Review & Ratings on current version.

Usage Statistics

It is important that how frequently users open your app and use/play it. If people are downloading your apps but never open it, this is not good for the health of your app’s rank. In this situation the chances of increasing your app’s rank become less. So, add such features in your app/game which force users to open and your app regularly.

Watch following videos to know more about further tips to rank your app high in Google Play.