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1. 4 in a row king!
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3. 4 in a row!


Four In One Row is a very addictive, challenging and one of the best board games for all ages. If you like to play puzzle and testing brain mind games, you will love this brain power game because it is not easy to draw and swap 4 discs in 1 row. It is not difficult to learn this puzzle game, but only cleaver & sharp minded people can be the master of this four in 1 row puzzle game.

Four In One Row:
Here are the features and games rules of Four In One Row brain testing puzzle game.
• Single player mode, challenge CPU and check your strategic skills.
• Double players’ mode, challenge your friends and defeat them in Four In One Row puzzle game.
• Difficult & strategic Levels.
• Smooth and relaxing music.
• Ultra HD 3d graphics.
Game Rules:
• Each player has one chance to move one of his/her disc.
• Try to set your discs on the table in such expertise that your challenger can not draw and match four discs in 1 row.
• You can move and draw your discs at four in one row strategy in horizontal, vertical & diagonal.
• Be the first person to get 4 in one row wins.
• If board is filled with different discs then the game will draw.
So, are you ready to play one of the best brain eno and strategic puzzle game? Download & install Four In One Row puzzle game now, to check the strategic skills and IQ level of your mind.


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