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Angry Boss Run is a simple but one of the most demanded and addicted android game. Collecting of coins and powers, by keep running your player are not the only features of this game. You will have to keep your player alive by avoiding the hurdles and protect your player from other people, who are waiting for you on the roadsof this running game.

Story of Angry Boss Run:

This game has designed on the most interesting topic of Angry Boss. A team of honest and hardworking employees was working in an office under the supervision of such boss, who always humiliates his staff. He was always in try to deduct the salaries of their workers. One day, when he was shouting on his employees without any reason, the tolerance limit of staff had finished and they caught the boss to teach him a lesson. Luckily the boss ran away from there but employees are waiting for him at every corner of road.

The most interesting part of Angry Boss Run game is that, your self is a Boss in it. You have to keep your player (Boss) safe from angry employees and hurdles.

Here are the interesting and adventurer features of Angry Boss Run.

Keep Running Boss:

Your mission is to keep Boss safe buy continuously running. You will loss one life if you trap and stop by any hurdle and your player left behind the scene.

Angry Employees:

Be aware that if you touch any angry employee, then he will hit you with iron rod or wooden stick and Boss will die.

Double Jump:

Tap the screen two times for double jump to cross angry employees and hurdles.


Collect as many coins as you can to pay the salaries of your employees.

Save Me Power:

Get special life bonus by collecting hearts.

Road Straight Power:

All hurdles and angry employees will remove from the road for short time, if you successfully collect Road Straight Power.

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  1. Howard DuBuque

    Angry Boss Run one of the best game ever 2d game and re-skin and launch services is the best app ever.

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