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1. BMI Calculator & Weight Loss Tracker!
2. BMI Calculator!
3. BMI Calculator!


BMI Calculator is a must have android app which enables users get awareness about the current percentage of their body mass and weight.
There is different mass chart for male and female and it also depends on the age of person. For healthy life, it is necessary for everyone to balance its body mass according to age and this app gives users perfect measurement of it.
This app is designed with high quality graphics. The combination of easy user interface and HD graphics give a pro look to the appearance of this app. You can easily reskin the graphics of this app if you have knowledge of designing.
Well written code enables you to make changings in this app easily. Bugs free code allows you to easily understand and implement your own customization in it.
We have focused on the quality of code deeply and make it possible for you to edit it without the help of other programmers even if you are an intermediate programmer.
If you don’t have time to reskin it manually, let us do it for you. Our expert designers will redesign while app with top quality astonish graphics and other images i.e. screenshots, banner, icon etc.
• Easy user interface
• Rich graphics
• Perfect BMI Calculator
• No registration
• Easy to reskin
• Neat and clean code
• Quick support
• Android 4.1 required
Complete project of this app include our quick support service and dedicated manager, which will help and guide you if you face any trouble at any step of making, reskinning or launching the app.

1 review for BMI Calculator Android App

  1. Fatima Vidal Hijo

    Esta aplicación me ayuda a controlar mi bmi de una manera más fácil. Me mantiene en la pista en mi objetivo de perder peso y estar en la medida correcta del cuerpo. Muy buena aplicación para mantener el índice de masa corporal.

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