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1. Color Switch!
2. Color Infinity!
3. Color Switch Infinity!


Color Ball Switch is a complete template of famous color switching games. Tap on screen to make the ball jump, let it cross from the hurdles of matching colors and try to achieve high score.
There are 6 exciting gameplay modes in this jumping ball color switching game: Split, Cave, Color Fly, Challenge, Reverse and Normal Mode. There are 500 tested levels in game including more than 30 new characters, 120 hurdles and dozensof great modules like Level Menu with scroll view, wheel prize, save/load, characters shopping,pooling manager, advertising, google play services, in-app purchases and more.
Code of this top unity game is prepared by our professional programmers and they have made it easy for you to add new levels in it without any trouble. You will find HD graphics of colorful ball, obstacles, buttons, icon, banners and others in this template. We have also saved your time and integrated this game with ads network.
You will get following features in this project:
• High quality asset.
• Quick support.
• Best gameplay of color ball switch games.
• Neat code.
• High quality graphics.
• Thrilling environment.
• 500interestinglevels.
• Charming sounds effects.
• Share score and screenshots to social media.
• Easy to re-skin.
• In-app purchases and shop.
• Ads integrated.
• Video ads integrated.
• Required Android 4.1 or higher.
Get complete project with our quick support service and always keep in touch with us, if you want to do anything new in this asset according to your idea.

1 review for Color Switch Challenge 2019

  1. Ian Ceja

    Me encanta Color Switch Challenge 2019. Es muy divertido y debes concentrarte muy bien en él. nunca esperas el color de lo que vas a obtener. es muy bueno y sorprendente jugar, especialmente cuando estás en el tablero.

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