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1. Flick Kick Football Kickoff!
2. Flick Shoot (Soccer Football)!
3. Flick Shoot UK!


A mind blowing sport game with the craze of kick and goal is in Flick Kick Crazy Physics. Warm yourself by moving your legs to hit the football and deal goalkeepers with kick tricks.
It is our aim to enables everyone to launch its own Android app and game into apps market, that’s why we have made it for everyone to easily customize the code to make necessary changings and add more levels. You can also increase and decrease difficulty levels in each season of this football kick game.
It is a perfect template of famous football kick master games which is designed with high quality graphics. You can request to our experienced designer to update graphics of this template or redesign whole template with new appearance.
User can feel the experience of a footballer in this football kick game. The target is to kick the ball and make perfect goals. There are many experienced goalkeepers of different countries are waiting for players in this game. Users have to kick carefully at the right angel to deal the goalkeeper with their super flick kick.
• Easy to reskin
• Neat and clean code
• HD graphics
• Football kicks
• 6 seasons
• 10 challenging levels
• Exchange goals to buy new balls from store
• Rate app integrated
• More games feature integrated
• Required Android 4.1
Get neat and clean code of this game and launch it after reskinning and add an awesome soccer ball game into your collection of mobile games or hire us for do each and everything for you to make, redesign and launch it.


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