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1. Loop Drive: Crash Race!
2. Loop Drive 2!
3. Loop Taxi Driver 3D!


Loop Drive Hot Pursuit is a simple but challenging free car game, the idea of this game is completely different from racing car games, if you have not played any loop game yet, this game will make you an addict of loop games.
Below here is a complete introduction about the interesting and challenging features of Loop Car Driving.
This is a strategic game with the multiple circles of traffic, you will have to keep your car safe from any crash with traffic.
Loop Circles and Traffic:
Drive your car carefully in your circle, be aware that other traffic will also pass at some parts of your track, keep your racing car save from any road accident.
Drive in your circle and collect coins, these coins are used to unlock next levels.
There are six levels in Loop Car Driving, 1st, and 2nd levels are easy but 3rd and 4th levels are much difficult, while 5th and 6th levels are actual challenging with more looping tracks and traffic.
There are two pedals to control the speed of your car, push the pedal on right side to boost-up the speed of your car, pedal on left side is used for emergency brakes, your car will be slower when you push the brake pedal.
So, if you want to play challenging and addictive free car game, play Loop Car Driving. Try your best to stay maximum time on the tracks to collect more coins without any crash.


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