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2. PAC-MAN Pop!
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Modern Pac Man is a perfect template of classic pac man games which is designed with totally new idea of stars’ collector in maze.
If you are retro gamer, you definitely know about pac man. If you don’t know it, you must try this arcade game which is specially designed for retro gamers. So that they will be able to launch their own pac man game with modern styles of star collecting and crawling snake obstacles.
Easy to customize code allows you to make your changings without help of other programmers. You can also add more levels easily because we have made it easy for everyone to publish their favorite games according to users’ demand. Neat and clean code enables you to launch this game without any bug.
Modern Pac Man is a survival story of an amazing character of star collector. There are stars on the different places of this maze. Your task is to collect all stars by eating them and keep your hero alive by saving it from snakes who are looking for your hungry character.
• Developed in Unity
• High quality graphics
• Perfect sound effects
• Easy to reskin
• Neat & clean code
• Quick support
• Addictive gameplay of modern pac man.
• 200 levels
• Rate app Integrated
• Required Android 4.1
It is easy to reskin and customize the code of this modern pac man game but if you are still looking for someone to redesign and reskin this game? You are welcome to hire our professionals who will do each and everything to create and launch this amazing modern pac man game.


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