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1. Pop the Lock!
2. Pop the Safe!
3. Pop A Lock!


Tap at the right time to crack maximum combination of locks as you can, so you can get high score by completing the unlock challenges. Open locks in correct time to get high score and rank up yourself as best un-locker in the leaderboard.
You have to do only one thing, just tap on the screen when the pointer reached on the yellow dot which is designed in a circle of lock. When you will successfully pop all dots, the lock will open and you will go on next more classic levels with more challenges. To pass a level, you have to pop all dots which locate on different places in the round circle of lock. Get high score by unlock maximum locks to place your name on the top of leaderboards ranking and challenging other players to beat your highest score.
How to play?
Tap on screen carefully when the moving line touches the dot in the circle, pop it to open the lock. In next levels, you will need to concentrate more and react quickly because of the location of dots and the speed of your moving line. Once you tap on screen before time or your moving line crosses the dot, you have to start the game from beginning.
Pop the Lock seems like a simple game but in next levels you will realize that it is a challenging and difficult game with quick reaction test. It is an ideal game which will help you to improve your concentration by in time tapping on screen to control speedy moving line.
Simply download this game and start popping the Locks. Keep your eyes on the screen and catch the line in time on the dot quickly to open the locks and get high score on leader board and challenge your friends to beat your score of popping locks.


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