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1. Subway Princess Jungle Run!
2. Subway Run 2 – Endless Game!
3. Subway Ejen Ali Rush: Run, Dash & Jump Subway Game!


Run Subway Prisoner is an awesome endless survival running game which is designed with bugs free clean code and rich graphics.
Neat and clean code of this asset enables you to easily make changing in this game according to your own choice. You can also change the difficulty level of this game without any trouble because we have made it easy for all programmer to edit and launch it without any problem of coding. If there is any trouble, we are always here for you with our quick support service.
It is a perfect template of famous endless running games which is enhanced with thrilling forest, challenging missions and power ups.
Player has to run on the road and keeps away from police. If player accidentally stop, police will catch the prisoner and bring back to jail.
• Easy to reskin
• Endless running game
• A survival game
• High quality graphics
• Store inside to purchase interesting items.
• Many characters to run
• Power ups i.e. magnet, coins collector, jet pack and super jump.
• Challenging road hurdles
• Rate app integrated
• More games feature integrated
• Required Android 4.1
This endless running game will make users addictive to it because this game gives the realistic experience of an escaped prisoner. Even the dress of your character is also designed in white & black colors, which are specific for prisoners’ dress.
It is perfect choice for you to choose this game as your next project and launch it on Google Play because survival running games are all time favorite games by users of all ages. If you don’t have time to reskin it or launch it? Don’t worry, let us do it for you with high quality graphics.

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