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1. Super Fast Charger 5x!
2. Super Fast Charger!
3. Fast charging – Charging Speed – Speed Up!


Fast Battery Charger is a utility app for fast charging of Android devices and keeping them smoothly at the best performance by preventing different features of mobile which consume more battery of your phone.
This asset contains bugs free neat and clean code which is easy to customize. Complete documentation makes it easy to make changings and reskin.
You can do necessary changings easily without help of other programmer because we have made it possible for all programmers to edit the code with their own ideas without problem.
Our expert designers have designed this app with high quality graphics and you can easily reskin them. You can also hire our professionals to redesign all graphics and layout of this app with top quality graphics and perfect color scheme with all necessary graphics like icon, banner, screenshots and others.

One click phone optimizer feature prevents rotation, Bluetooth, wifi, vibration, sounds, brightness and timeout and saves your phone’s battery to maximum time. By preventing these features your phone charges fast. A perfect fast battery charging app when you are in hurry to go somewhere but your mobile’s battery is low.

• Top quality graphics
• User friendly interface
• Easy mobile optimization
• Fast battery charging
• Mobile health status
• Charging status
• Well organized source code
• Quick support
• Easy to reskin
• Bugs free code
• Android 4.1 required

Get the complete asset of this app including our quick support with dedicated manager which guide you at each and every step of making and launching this app. Feel free to contact us via our support service to get help any time.

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  1. Danielle Adams

    Super Fast Battery Charger Amazon app superb app the support the source code everything its perfect.

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