Best ASO Tips to Choose Right Name of Your Android App

Your Android App/Game title is one of the most important ASO factors. Best ASO Tips to Choose Right Name for Your Android App helps you to set a perfect name according to keywords, competitors analysis and type of your app. Let’s see how can you choose a right name for your app?

Best ASO Tips to Choose Right Name for Your Android App

Android Apps and Games is a very beneficial business to earn handsome revenue. But lot of people don’t know intermediate and advance ASO factors to implement before and after launching of app. There are lot of ASO factors which need your time to search, research and then finalize Title of your app. Here, we’ll discuss all basic, major and best ASO tips to choose right name for your android app and game.

Choose Best Keywords

First, you need to collect best keywords to use in your app’s text content i.e. package name, title, short description and detailed description. Once it’s done, you have a list of keywords. Also search play store search bar to know best searched keywords by users according to your app/game type. Now, categorized them in different categories as followings:

DirectRelevant Keywords of Your App:

Which completely represent your app/game directly like Video Downloader, Phone Cleaner, Terrorist Strike and more.

IndirectRelevant Keywords of Your App:

Which shows some of few features of your app/game i.e. if you have all video downloader app then fb video download, download videos from Dailymotion and other specific keywords are called indirectly relevant keywords. If you have a terrorist killing game then gun shooting, sniper shooter, gun fighting are indirect relevant keywords of your app.

Non-Relevant Keywords of Your App:

Which shows only a minor part of your app or a confusing keyword i.e. if you have a terrorist killing game then shooting games, killing games, impossible missions are non-relevant keywords because there can be many types of games in the category of Shooting Games. Also, killing games keyword comprises different types of killing games.

It was the brief intro of keywords which you have collected for your app. Best ASO Tips to Choose Right Name for Your Android App case studies show that you can use only first, both of direct relevant and indirect relevant keywords and all of above mentioned types of keywords in your title but it depends on the value of keywords and title of your competitors’ apps and games.

Analyze Your Competitors

It is important to analyze your app’s competitors. Check both old and new apps which are ranking on play store against the keywords of your app type. See what they have done with their app’s title. There can be several things which you’’ realize at this time. You’ll find most Short Tail, Long Tail title in ranked apps. You may see some title of apps with average length i.e. 25-35 characters. Now, it’s up to you which one you select to finalize your app title according to your collected keywords and grossing apps.

Now, you have a lot of filtered stuff and now it’s time to implement best ASO tips to choose right name of your android app and game. So, what is the first most important ASO factor to set your app title for play store?

Choose all finalized keywords and make different long tail and short tail app title by shuffling keywords. For example, you have a Phone Cleaner app then you have different following choices to make different tiles of this app according to keywords:

Average and Long Tail Title

  • Phone Cleaner & Booster
  • Smart Phone Cleaner & Booster
  • Magic Phone Cleaner & Speed Booster
  • Clean & Boost – Best Cleaner & Booster for Android

Short Tail Title

  • Best Cleaner
  • Speed Booster
  • Smart Cleaner
  • Fast Cleaner
  • Ultra Cleaner

Well, you can see that few of words which are used in above mentioned titles may not in your list of keywords. But it is good practice to add a tiny and easy to remember unique word at the beginning or end of title which can be your own brand name.

Most important thing according Best ASO Tips to Choose Right Name for Your Android Appis that the name must easy to read and easy to remember for user to search it again, easy to tell friends about your app/game with easy name i.e. Smart Cleaner or Magic Phone Cleaner & Speed Booster. You will also find few apps and games with such titles which are not easy to remember but they are in top ranks of play store searches. There are lot of ASO factors on which they have worked to rank their app but it is a common case study which that users mostly click such apps and games which have easy to remember titles.

Let’s clear it with an easy example. Consider yourself a user and you have a good gun shooting game named “ABCD XYZ 12345” (Modern Shooting 3D – Best Gun Shooter Game)or “ABEX 38F5 JKNM” (Best Shooter Modern Shooting 3D Gun Fighting Game), now you want to tell your friend that you have an awesome game so he could also download and play it. Which name is easy for you to remember and tell your friend and what is easy for your friend to listen, remember and search it on play store?

We sure that now you can easily set your app title with Best ASO Tips to Choose Right Name for Your Android App. Remember, you need a detailed search and research work to set your app and game title. If you are still feeling confuse what to choose as your app title! Just hire our ASO services in very cheap price and increase chances to index and rank your app in search results of play store.

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