Best ASO Tips Interstitial Ads vs Banner Ads

Are you going to publish your first Android app or Unity game on Google Play Store! Wait… first have a look on Best ASO Tips Interstitial Ads vs Banner Ads, which will help you to choose best ad type to not annoy users, to get more video and clicks from users and definitely make high revenue.

Difference Between Interstitial and Banner Ads

But for this, you need to know the different between interstitial and banners ads. It is also necessary to know which type of ads are most popular in apps and games, and which type of ads annoy users of apps and players of games.

Interstitial ad is a full screen ad which shows on screen while using an app or game time by time on different actions taken by users i.e. click on different buttons and clear specific levels. It can be a ful screen image or short video ad of few seconds and user can skip if by clicking on cross button on the top left corner of screen.

Banner ad is a small rectangle image type ad which shows on upper of bottom side on screen. It is a permanent ad which never disappear after few seconds like interstitial ads and users can not remove it by clicking on cross button as interstitial ads.

Best ASO Tips Interstitial Ads vs Banner Ads

So, the question is which ad perform best in android apps and games to create more revenue without annoying users. There are many case studies of best ASO tips interstitial ads vs banner ads. Resent experiments show that if you want to insert ad to create more revenue, then majority of developers prefer interstitial ads, because interstitial ads has more clicks, values and CPM too than banner ads.

But different studies of google ads android show that a vast community of android users prefer to use apps which have banner ads and player like to play games which don’t have banner ads. It is little bit tricky to choose ad type for your app and game because the main purpose of these ads is to make high revenue for you. But if your ads make users irritate! There is no chance to earn money from your apps.

So, what should you do in such cases! Best ASO tips interstitial ads vs banner ads show that majority of android apps’ users and games’ player like interstitial ads more than banner ads. Because banner ads permanently show on phone screen. Well, banner ads don’t force users to click on them but lot of users complain about accidently click on banner ads while plays games or using app which contains banner ads.

While interstitial ads make users freely use app or play game, without irritation of banner ads. Click anywhere on screen without tension to avoid clicking on banner ad. If an interstitial ad appears in full screen of users’ mobile after few clicks or activities on apps or games, it doesn’t make user irritate. But if you display interstitial before next activity or appear when click on any button after one or two activities! It will definitely irritate users.

Best ASO Tips Interstitial Ads vs Banner Ads clearly show that it’s better to focus on interstitial ads then banner ads if you really want to make money from your app or game by using ads. Don’t display too much ads on your app/game, otherwise user will uninstall your app/game after getting irritate due to rush of full screen ads.

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