Play Store New Policy Restricts Use of SMS and Call Log Permissions

Google has recently announced an update for developers play store. This Google Play Store New Policy Restricts Use of SMS and Call Log Permissions. Be aware if your app has any of these permissions, play store will never publish your app and reject it instantly.

If luckily they allow your app to be published on play store, your account is in more danger because their bots will catch your app as suspected and it will be suspended due to violation of their policies. Let’s discuss what is google play store new policy of SMS and Call Logs? Why play store prevents SMS and Call Log Permissions and what is its solution according to new policy of google play store.

What is New SMS & Call Log Policy?

Google Play Store has announced an update in new Play Store policy which prevents Android apps from collecting SMS information and call logs from users’ devices.

This new developer policy of Google Play Store has implemented on October 8, 2018. Google play store has given a time period of 90 days to update their apps according to this new policy, otherwise such apps will definitely remove from play store due to violation of their new policy. Now, the time period is over and they are going to suspend such apps.

Why Play Store New Policy Restricts Use of SMS and Call Log Permissions?

The Android operating system maker has restricted the access to SMS and Call Log permissions to the security of android users and to reduce the instances where developers trickily get access to these two permissions with their tiny apps. In such cases, developers collect data from of call logs and SMS they upload that personal data to any online server for further use i.e. sell data to marketing companies. That’s why, play store has restricted call logs and SMS permission now.

For more details, have a look on the post of Android Developers Blog. Google Play Store says they have implemented these restrictions to give a better, secure and safe experience to all android users and to protect their privacy from such malicious apps. If developers don’t update their such apps according to their new policy, their apps will suspend and no longer available on play store.

This new Play Store policy of SMS and Call Log permission has implemented in regards to access the Call Log and SMS data as part of Project Strobe. This is a coordinated effort on Google Play Store to secure users’ data.

How to Secure an App with New Play Store Policy?

According to Google Play Store new policy, only such apps which have been selected as the android phone’s default apps for sending text messages and making calls will be able to access SMS data and call logs via these new SMS and Call Log permissions.

Google Play Store also says that alternative APIs like SMS Retriever API, SMS Intent API, Share Intent API, and Dial Intent API can be used by developers as replacements to get access of SMS and Call Log permissions from users.

So, if you have an app which is designed only for SMS sending or phone calls, then you can use above mentioned API’s to Call Logs and SMS permissions, otherwise your app will be suspended because Play Store New Policy Restricts Use of SMS and Call Log Permissions.

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