Top Ad Networks for Android Apps to Generate High Revenue

Now a day, every android developer and company is looking for Top Ad Networks for Android Apps to Generate High Revenue. There are dozens of ad networks for android apps but here we will discuss 4 best ad networks for android apps which are all time favorite by android app developers and android apps development companies.

If you are new in this field, you must aware that why and which an ad network is necessary for your app and which ad network for mobile apps is best now a day.

It is not big deal to enlist your app on top ranking of play store. The actual thing is how much revenue your app is generating for you? For this, developers add different features for user engagements i.e. in-app purchases, in-app advertising, paid downloads and in-app subscription. But only a minority of users may interest in these paid features. Majority of users want to use apps and games in free with maximum features. That is why, Ad Networks are necessary for such free users because ad networks pay you on impressions and clicks of ads shown in your apps and games.

Top Ad Networks for Android Apps to Generate High Revenue

Now, we are going to discus 4 best ads networks for android apps which are most favorite by android developers and android development companies.


AdMob is one of the top listed mobile ad network of tech-giant Google. They are offering easy app integration with flawless functionality. AdMob is one of the favorite ad network for android apps of android development companies and developers, because as compare to other networks, their CPC and eCPM rate are better.

There are 3 categories of eCPM in AdMob which are High Floor, Medium Floor and All Prices. If you manually choose High Floor eCPM then AdMob only show ads with high rates in your app. Medium Floor comprises ads of medium rates and in All Prices AdMob shows ads of all rates in your app and game.

There CPC based on click per ad ratio and CPM bases on per thousand ad impressions, while eCPM is a blend of CPC and CPM and it vary according to users of different countries as Tier1, Tier2 and Tier3 countries.

An average of AdMob CPC depends on ads and country type from where ad is being clicked by users.

Standard rates of AdMob CPM are $0.5 to $2.00 for Banner ads of android apps and $1-$3 for Interstitial ads. While eCPM is an estimate amount of revenue which you receive for per thousand ad impressions. There is no any fix figure of eCPM but you can calculate it as Total Earnings / Impressions x 1000.


StartApp is also a famous and favorite one mobile ad network to integrate android apps and games. This ad network enables you to apply interstitial ads in your app. This ad normally takes over the all screen of mobile.

It is important for you to know that interstitial ads give more revenue than banner ads. But user don’t like them much because interstitial ad covers the whole screen. But if you use it intelligently i.e. after only back button or after only completing a level or click on specific buttons, it will never irritate users.


Unity ads also one of the famous ad networks of mobile games developers. This ad network enables publishers to integrate full screen video ads into their games which maximize their revenue and helps to improve user experience. They offer the high revenue per user than other rewarded video ad networks.

Question is why user will never irritate with these full screen video ads which not only use their mobile data, but also stuck user for specific time period to watch the video ad. To make users engage with these video ads, you can offer gamers different attractive options i.e. additional life, coins, score increases, hints and many more features in exchange for watching these video ads.

Facebook Audience Network

Facebook Audience Network is a newly rising ad network by famous social media platform Facebook. It is getting polarity in mobile apps and games development companies too because they are offering all type of ads to monetize your Android and iOS apps and games to compete AdMob i.e. Interstitial Ads, Banner Ads and Native Ads.

These are 4 top Ad Networks which Android and iOS development companies and developers prefer monetize their apps. If we discuss what is one of all-time favorite and famous ad network company from these 4 top ad networks for android apps to generate high revenue by analyzing their eCPM rates? According to our experience, AdMob is on the top of the list. Well, each company and developer has its own choice to monetize their apps and games with their favorite ad network but we prefer you to must monetize your apps and games with AdMob and experience the difference of eCPM and generation of revenue by yourself.

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