Avoid These Common ASO App Search Optimization Mistakes

There are millions of apps and games in Google Play Store. It is important to apply best ASO strategy and avoid these common ASO app search optimization mistakes to increase your app visibility in search results by users on play store and convert your app page visitors to installs.

Best ASO Strategy

There are lot of app search optimization strategies to index your app/game in google play store’ search algorithms. Basic purpose of ASO is to index keywords of your app to increase its visibility in search terms by users and rank your app high to get more visitors. It is not possible to rank your app high in play store’ listings and search results without indexing relevant keywords and your app landing page. Click here to read all about what is keywords indexing and how to index your app page into google play store.

Avoid These Common ASO App Search Optimization Mistakes

There are lot of best ASO tips available on internet and people try their best to follow them. But due to lack of pro ASO tips, it is not possible for everyone to optimize their app page and content with ASO. You’ll find commonly tips to focus on title, description, icon, screenshots and other things. But when people do market search and keyword search, they confuse in the rush of keywords and their competitors’ apps/games.

In this post, we are revealing common ASO mistakes, so that you will be able to understand and avoid theme common ASO app search optimization mistakes.

Lack of ASO

ASO is necessary to index your app in any apps store, otherwise your app/game will disappear in the rush of millions of apps and games. Unfortunately, most of developers publish their apps without proper market search and keywords search according ASO. If you have spent lot of money on designing and development of your project! It is important to also invest on best ASO strategy to rank your app in play store’s listing.

If you have few knowledge of ASO, it is not enough to rank your app. Don’t waste your precious time and money by publishing apps without a pro ASO strategy.

Who are Your Target Audience?

You must need to know the target audience of your app/game. It is a specific term of ASO, which help you to identify your target audience by age and locations. If your app is for related to divorced people chat, then you don’t need to make it visible to users of all ages. If your app is a toddler’s learning app, then audience of which age you will target? For this, you need to do a complete market search, keyword search and ASO too as well to reach the target audience.

If developers know their target audience! It’s not enough, it is important to know how to reach to your target audience. Due to lack of reaching to target audience strategies, chances of your app’s ranking becomes low.

Don’t Use Irrelevant Keywords

Developers always curious to rank their app as early as possible. For this, mostly developers use irrelevant keywords with relevant keywords of their apps. Remember, using irrelevant keywords in your app content is prohibited according to google play store policy.

Moreover, using of irrelevant keywords are not beneficial to index your app in any way. For example, if you have an app of Facebook video downloader and you writing such text in your description that “there is no Dailymotion video downloader or WhatsApp status video downloader in this video downloader app”. It’s totally wrong, first play store discourages such type of using irrelevant keywords. Suppose your app indexes on any irrelevant keyword like Dailymotion video downloader. When a user search Dailymotion video downloader and your app shows on top in search result, then why users download your app when he need an app to download videos from Dailymotion, not from Facebook? So avoid using irrelevant keywords in your app description and on other places.

Never Do Keyword Stuffing

Every developer wants to index its app with maximum keywords. For this, first of app they need to do proper keyword research to pick our most relevant and target keywords. Most of people do this job by analyzing their competitors’ apps and see suggestions from play store search bar. But in try to use all keywords and do more indexing of keywords, developer mostly use relevant keywords too much time and play store’ algorithms detect such activities as keywords spamming.

Must avoid keywords stuffing in your app title, short and long description, otherwise your app will never rank in play store. It may also cause of your app suspension due to policy violation of using keywords.

Ignoring Ratings and Reviews

Users rating and reviews are very important from different aspects of ASO. It is important to reply users’ reviews, even they are good or bad. Say thanks to users on their good reviews and encourage them to use and share your app. Do apologize on bad reviews and make them sure that you are curious about their bad experience and you will fix their issues very soon. If your app has low ratings and too much bad reviews, you need to fix them by making your app better according to users’ requirements and take positive reviews from your friends and family members to maintain its rating.

If you ignore ratings and review of your app, you are missing a big factor of ASO which is important to index your app in play store algorithms.

There are lot of other things to avoid but avoid these common ASO app search optimization mistakes will give a boost to your app stats and ranking in play store. So be careful while launching your app and avoid all above mentioned common ASO mistakes.

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