Best ASO Tips & Strategy to Choose Package Name of Android App

Here are Best ASO Tips & Strategy to Choose Package Name of Android App& Game. Your android app/game package name is one of the important ASO factors, which helps to increase your app visibility in users’ searches.

Importance of Package Name for Android App/Game

Package name of your app and games works like a URL link. It is a SEO term which directly effects on websites search optimization and helps them to optimize in different search engines i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. When we talk about android apps and games of plays store, the term of URL link converts into Package Name.

It is very important to organize and choose your app’s Title and set its Package name with right keywords to increase the chances of its visibility in search engine. Well, there is only a giant search engine for Android apps and games, Google Play Store. If you publish your apps on other platforms like Amazon and others, the importance of your app’s Title and Package Name will remain high as in play store.

How to Select Best Package Name for Android Apps & Games?

There are lot of ASO and play store factors which are working to catch your app on different searched queries by users. First, you need to choose best title for your app and then you need to set a perfect package name which boostsyour app to appear in search results of play store.

There are lot of strategies to select package name for your app. Here we will discuss most popular, important and Best ASO Tips & Strategy to Choose Package Name of Android App and Game with examples of top rated apps and games.

Best ASO Tips & Strategy to Choose Package Name of Android App

There are lot of strategies to set package name for android apps and games. If we talk about permalink URL text finalizing in SEO. SEO experts always choose most targeted keywords from Title and set it as URL.

But ASO is not as simple as SEO. There are lot of myths and tricky strategies which you need to search and research before implementation. Let’s start our case study with common tips which are relevant and different from SEO.

Mostly package name start with .com and it confuses beginners what is the purpose to add .com or .net at the beginning of package name! It is only a trick to make your package name unique and different from others. But when we see top ranking apps even Youtube is using .com at the start of their package name, it’ll knock our minds that there is must something secret behind to use .com or others domain words i.e. .net or .org at the beginning of package name. But keep it in mind that lot of top ranking and top grossing old and new apps/games have not used any .com or .net in their package names.

Experts say that it is important to add your developer console name at the beginning of your app/game’s package name to make it unique and index your account name into search engine of play store as many big fishes do like Gameloft and others.

For example, you have a First Person Shooting (FPS) game and you have finalized its name as “Advance Multi Level Prado Parking Game”, you have different choices to set its package name as followings:

  1. Use title in package name like com.devname.advance.multilevel.prado.parkinggame.
  2. Shuffle title with other relevant keywords like com.devname.advanceparking.pradoparking.parkinggames
  3. Skip title and choose all other targeted keywords like

(Here “Devename” will your account name).

It’s up to you that which title you choose as your game’s package name. If you follow SEO terms, you can choose 1st one, if you follow basic ASO terms, you can choose 2nd one. So, why 3rd one is here?

Just search “Advance Multi Level Prado Parking Game”, it will make you surprise that they have selected 3rd one as their package name. You see, it is not as easy as you thought to set package name of your app/game. Also check other games nearby this game, check their package name and compare them with their titles including their competitors. Lot of things will make you surprise after this search which will help you to asBest ASO Tips & Strategy to Choose Package Name of Android App.

Now, let’s take another example of most common and searched app Video Downloader.For example, you have an app names All Video Downloader. Which keywords will you choose to set as its package name? Simply, search All Video Downloader on play store and check package names of few top ranking apps. You’ll find above mentioned 3 types of package names of apps i.e. All Video Downloader 2019 app’s package name is, which is not a good practice according SEO, but it is working in ASO to repeat most targeted keywords/title of your app with and without commas.

Another app All Video Downloader & Video Saver has package name of This package name doesn’t contain any developer name, not even .com or .net or other characters like these before package name. This package name only contains a blend of different targeted keywords which are in its title and not in title too. It is a good practice to use both types of keywords in your app’s package name.

There is another app with millions of installs named All Video Downloader – Free Videos has package name com.fastdownloader.freevideo.downloadmanager. They are not fully targeting their app’s title in package name, but they are targeting most popular and most relevant apps in package name with different keywords i.e. fast downloader, download manager, free video downloader manager.

Mystery of Android Apps & Games Package Names

Let’s check Best ASO Tips & Strategy to Choose Package Name of Android Appand Game by checking the most famous social media app Facebook.

Suppose yourself as owner of Facebook website and now you want to make an android app of this social site. What package name will you choose? Yes, you’ll definitely choose Facebook as your package name too because it is already a brand name and there is no any app with this package name on play store. But it will give you a shock of high voltage when you see the package name of Facebook android app.

Their app’s package name is “com.facebook.katana”. Surprised! Whole world was surprised to see Katana in their package name. When you search Katana on play store, you’ll find different Sword types apps and games. The question is that, why have they added Katana in package name when they knew that there is no any need to target other apps/games because they are already biggest brand in worldwide social media platforms?

Also check Facebook Messenger app, its package name is com.Facebook.orca. What is the reason to add Orca in package name? Have they added Orca because they just love Orca fish or there are some other personal or secret reasons to add Orca in package name?

Do you remember when Nintendo launched famous mobile version of Super Mario game with the title of Super Mario Run? They also set its package name with a totally unique and irrelevant word “zara”. Even they have not used their game’s title in package name Another super Mario game by Nintendo has package name com.nintendo.zaka.

There are lot of mysterious package names which will make you surprise when you search Best ASO Tips & Strategy to Choose Package Name of Android App and Game in depth. Remember, setting a package name of your app as your app title is not a good practice, but it is very important to complete search work on your competitors and choose a perfect package name with the blend of high value and most targeted keywords to increase the chances of your app to appear in maximum users’ searches on play store.

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