How to Earn from Google Play Store if I am Not a Developer?

Are you dreaming to start your own business of android apps but don’t have coding skills? Don’t worry, here we will discuss in detail that how to earn from Google Play Store if I am not a developer? So, here we go.

How to Earn from Google Play?

Google Play Store is one of the biggest platform of Android apps and games. Apps’ business is growing day by day because with each coming day, android users are also increasing. There are few basic steps to earn from google play store i.e. purchase a developer console, make your app or game, integrate with ads, publish on google play store and start earning.

But if you are not a developer, it is not possible for you. Because you need to hire a developer and a designer separately from free lancing sites. It is your luck that which type of developer and designer you get. Anyways, you have to pay huge amount to them to create your app and it never ends here. You must know about ASO (App Store Optimization) to set the title and write description of your app. If you are not a developer, you must don’t know anything about publishing an app on google play store.

How to Earn from Google Play Store if I am Not A Developer?

So, the question is still here that how to earn from google play store if I am not a developer?

Don’t worry, it is possible for you to start your apps business on google play store with three easy following steps:

  1. Purchase a Google Play Developer Account.
  2. Purchase Source Code from Rangii Studio.
  3. Choose Plan # 4.

Let’s have a deep look on each step to make and launch your own android app without skills.

Purchase a Google Play Developer Account

Just purchase a Google Play Developer Account from $25 where your apps will publish. There is no any trick to buy a developer account for google play store. Always buy a developer account from your own computer/laptop and gmail id. Once you get it, go to the next step to fulfil your dream of apps business.

Purchase a Source Code from RangiiStudio

Open RangiiStudio website, explore its categories of android apps and games. Select your desired app or game which you want to publish on your developer console.

Remember, Rangii Studio is one of the largest and fast growing platform of buying android apps and games. We offer quality apps with creative designs and graphics and with very economical price than other source code seller websites. Moreover, you will never find such quick and responsive support in any other apps selling sites, as we are offering.

Once you choose your app, go to the next step to finalize it.

Choose Plan # 4

Choose Plan Number 4 from buying categories which is perfect for you. Our other plans are best for developers. Because they know how to customize code and reskin it to make a new app from purchased code. You will get following services in plan#4:

  • Complete ready to publish project with all files (source code, graphics)
  • Redesign whole app with new layout and creative custom art.
  • Complete testing on various devices for all possible crashes and bugs.
  • Basic ASO, which will help your app to rank in searches of Google Play Store.
  • Integrated Ads to start earning from your app.
  • A dedicated manager of project will help you to publish your app on your account.
  • Quick support to stay in touch with us anytime.

That’s all about your question of “How to Earn from Google Play Store if I am Not a Developer?”, You see it is easy to make, publish and earn from your app with us if you don’t have coding skills? You don’t need to do any programing or designing skill because we are here to do each and every thing from basics of app making to launching of app in your developer account. All you need to choose our plan number 4 and take rest, spend your time with your family or focus on your regular job and let us make your dream app for you.

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