What is App Review Rating Policy of Google Play Store?

Now a day, developers are in a confusion about decreasing of their apps ratings and reviews. Let’s discuss what is app review rating policy of Google Play Store? But before this, you need to know about the effect of positive and negative rating and reviews on apps rankings in app store search results.

Effects of App’s Rating

Google Play Store offers users to rate apps from one to five stars. It is a simple average percentage of app’s quality given by users. For our ease, lets divide the counting of stars in following categories:

  • 5 Stars = Excellent
  • 4 Stars = Good
  • 3 Stars = OK
  • 2 Stars = Bad
  • 1 Star = Worst

As a buyer, you always prefer to purchase any item from market which has high rating. If there are several items in front of you with same price and features. You’ll definitely get the item with highest (positive) rating.

Same as above, users’ ratings take effects on your app in the ranking of Google Play. More five stars’ ratings means your app is awesome and fulfill all requirements of users. When your app appears in searches with high rating, users will definitely download it because they trust on ratings of others. If your app appears in searches with low rating, their click and downloading ratio will too much low because users don’t want to waste their time in downloading and using a low quality app according to its rating.

In other hand, app’s rating strongly effects on any android app ASO. Google Play Store encourages developers to develop quality apps. So that, people rate it with five or at least four stars. If your app’s rating is decreasing continuously, you need to improve its quality and get five stars’ ratings to visible your app in searches of Google Play Store.

Let’s understand power and effects of app’s ratings with a simple practice. Go to Google Play Store and search anything. Search any game or any app in Google Play Store. Check the ratings of top 50 or top 100 apps. About 97% ranked apps have ratings of more than 4 stars. Hope, you got the value of app rating.

Remember, average rating under 3 stars is considered as low and bad quality app. It is an alarming situation for you that soon your app will no more visible in searches of Google Play Store due to negative ratings.

Effects of App’s Reviews

App reviews are very important and helpful for developers and users. It also effects on ASO of your app. Reviews helps to visible your app in searches of Play Store, if they are with Five or at least Four Stars rating.

After this, we will go to our focused topic of what is app review rating policy of Google Play Store? But first, let’s see how app reviews help developers and users?

Developer can find out the users’ demand that which type of changing is required to make your app perfect. Developer can come to know about the crashes and bugs in their apps. So that, they can fix it in next updates for users’ satisfaction. Must read reviews of users and reply reviews separately to satisfy users and to get more downloads with 5 star ratings.

About 60% of users read few reviews of the app which they are going to download. There is no need to explain that apps with positive reviews always get more downloads than the apps with the rush of negative reviews.

When user review your app, most of users automatically use keywords in it. Keywords in app’s reviews help to increase your app ranking in search algorithm and listing of Google Play Store.

Effect of App Rating & Reviews

Remember that total number of your app’s rating and their average, as well as the total number of your app’s reviews are good factors to increase the visibility of your app in google play store search engine.

What is App Review Rating Policy of Google Play Store?

Google Play dislikes any illegal activity regarding app rating and reviews. Let them be natural and never force users to review and rate your app with 5 stars. Bots of Google Play Store will automatically detect unnatural and spam reviews and ratings. At the result, Google Play can decrease your 4 and 5 star ratings and reviews. Remember, any illegal activity for ratings and reviews can be cause of your app’s suspension too.

This is all about app rating and review effects and what is app review rating policy of Google Play Store? For more details, readout App Rating & Review Policy of Google Play.

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