Reasons Why Google Developer Console Suspended

It is a mystery that what are the reasons Why Google Developer Console Suspended & terminated? Lets discuss it in details and save from developer console account terminated.

Google Play Store is one of the major platform of android apps and games. People build android apps and publish them on different stores. But Google Play is one of the biggest platform, where developers publish their apps to engage more users and earn money.

Reasons Why Google Developer Console Suspended

Recently, google applies various policies to make it possible for users to get quality apps. There are several policies which you need to know before publishing your app on google play store. Because, if their bots catch your app is violating any of their policies, they will terminate your account.

Here, we will discuss all possible reasons why google developer console suspended.

There are two major reasons that’s why a google developer console account may suspend.

  • Multiple Accounts (Account Association)
  • Several Policy’s Violations (Several Apps Suspension)

Multiple Accounts (Account Association)

Google doesn’t allow anyone to create more than one developer account. A person can only create one developer account. If you try to create another developer account, google’ bots will catch you and instantly terminate your both accounts.

Question is that, how google terminate your account due to violation of account association policy? Their bots are always active to track the accounts bought with same credit cards, login in same device, used with same internet connection. So, strictly avoid to buy another account from same credit card. Never open multiple accounts on same devices. Make it sure to fix separate and specific internet connection for each developer console. We’ll discuss in detail about all possible reasons why google developer console suspended.

If your account is already suspended and you want to create new account, google doesn’t allow it too, but people are doing it with following tricks.

Buy another developer account with:

  • New credit card.
  • New computer.
  • Change internet connection if not DSL.
  • New AdMob account, key store & ad ids.

Please note that we are not responsible of any suspension of your account if you create another developer account by using above mention trick.

Multiple Policies’ Violation (Several Apps Suspension)

It is Google policy to suspend an account if their apps violate policies several times. It is necessary for you to not do anything against following policies while making and publishing your app or game on Google Play Store.

Child Endangerment

If your app contains any sexual content, it will remove from play store. If more than 3 apps suspend from your account, your developer account will terminate at any time according to google developer policies.

Inappropriate Content

Try to not add any graphic in your app with adult content. If google’ bots find any sexual content or such graphics in your app or in the features of your app, they will remove your app and it may cause suspension of your account.

Hate Speech

Don’t use any type of hate speech against individual or group in your app to protect your developer account.


Threat to anyone or showing killing or real type injury to animal or human is prohibited due to google developer policies.

Sensitive Events

Never create and publish an app on serious or tragic events i.e. 9/11 and others.

Bullying and Harassment

If your apps contain any type of bullying and harassment content, google can suspend your account without any notice.

Dangerous Products

Apps that contain instructions for the manufacture of explosives, firearms, ammunition, restricted firearm accessories or other weapons are not allowed to publish on google play. Avoid publishing such apps to secure your developer account.

Financial Instruments

Google Play doesn’t allow apps which contain the ability to trade binary options or mining crypto-currency in anyway.


Gambling apps are not allowed by google play store. So, never publish any type of gambling app if you don’t want google to terminate your developer account.

Illegal Activities

Google doesn’t allow apps that facilitate or promote illegal activities i.e. making drugs or weapons.

Impersonation and Intellectual Property

Never use brand name, famous product name, trademarks, icon, logo of other products in your app.

User Data

Now, Google strictly warns all developers to clearly show that how they collect user data (if they are collecting) and how user data may collect by third parties and how user data is secure by using the app or how user data may use in different conditions. If you don’t show this statement, your app and account may suspend by google at any time.

Malicious Behavior

Never publish an app which contains any type of viruses, trojan horses, malware, spyware or any other malicious behavior.

Deceptive Behavior

All apps must have a discloser in which user clearly find the summery of all features of the app. If your app’ features are different from the discloser, your app will remove and several removals of your apps will cause in the termination of your account.

Store Listing and Promotion

Avoid low quality promotions and black hat tactics to artificially boost app visibility on Google Play, otherwise your apps and account will terminate.

Spam and Minimum Functionality

Must test and verify the quality of your app before publish. Because apps that crash, exhibit other behaviour that is not consistent with a functional user experience. Or that serve only to spam users will remove from google play. In such case, your account may also terminate without any notice.

So, these are the reasons why google developer console suspended. If you avoid all of these prohibition and follow the terms and conditions of google play store, your account will never suspend. But it is important for you to keep yourself up to date with new policies and changing in policies of google developer console.

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