What is a Repetitive Content Policy of Google Play Console?

If your apps are suspended by new policies of Google Play Store, you must need to know what is a repetitive content policy of Google Play Console?

One of our articles, we have discussed about new spam policy of google play store. “Repetitive Content Policy” is a part of that spam policy. Thousands of apps have suspended in past few months due to spam policy and majority of suspended apps are violated by repetitive content.

What is a Repetitive Content Policy of Google Play Console?

Google Play don’t allow space for apps with same functionality of other apps. In simple words, Google Play is ending the clones of apps and games. It means, if you have an app or game, you could not post clone of same app on Google Play even if you change graphics. You must add some valuable stuff for users if you don’t want to remove your app.

Well, cloning is about to an end and now Google Play Store is encouraging people to create unique apps and games with new features. In other hand, if you have a code of an app or game, you can still publish a clone of same app by adding some new features in it. Because if you have a photo editor app, its functionality and code will definitely match with other apps. The question is that how can you protect your apps with repetitive content violation?

Protect Your Apps from Spam Policy of Repetitive Content

It’s not much tricky. Just do more work on your apps and games, add some new and valuable features in it to make it unique. Reskin your app with rich graphics. It is important to redesign layout and graphics of your app and game. Because google bots can catch your app content anytime if features, layout or graphics of your app match with other similar apps.

Google Play Store has mentioned another way to protect your apps from repetitive content policy. It is better to merge small apps in one app if they have less functionality and similar features like other apps. But you also need to work honestly to make your app unique.

It is all about What is a Repetitive Content Policy of Google Play Console? Must keep these new policies in mind while making new apps. Stop cloning and make your work original by making unique apps.

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