What is Developer Spam/Scam Policy of Google Play Store?

Are your apps suspended due to violate the spam policy? You must need to know what is developer spam/scam policy of google play store?

As we know that google Play Store is one of the biggest platform of android apps and games. Thousands of apps and games are published by developers of different countries on this android play store of Google. In other hand, scammers are in try to ruin google play store by making apps with various illegal tricks which google dislikes. That is why, they have update their developers’ policies few months ago.

But unfortunately, developers never take it serious and in the result, millions of android apps and games were suspended due to violate new spam policy of google play store. If you are planning to reskin any app or game, must read this scam policy to protect your apps and developer account. Let’s have a look what is developer spam/scam policy of google play store and how to protect your app suspended due to the violation of this policy.

What is Developer Spam/Scam Policy of Google Play Store?

Google Play Store divided their new spam policy in few following categories:


Low quality apps with crashes on several devices, no user satisfaction in it are considered as spam apps.

Message Spam:

Apps which are sending messages or emails from users without their permissions has considered in the category of Message Spam.

Webviews and Affiliate Spam:

Apps which are showing web view of any website without their permission. These apps get reward from affiliation by signing up. Such apps are considered as Webviews and Affiliate Spam.

Repetitive Content:

This is one of the most important and dangerous point of developer scam/spam policy of Google Plat Store. If your app is a clone of any app in functionality. Your app will consider as the violation of repetitive content. Stop cloning of apps and games. Work more to add more exciting features for users. So that, your app will be unique from others and protect your developer account from this spam policy by posting repetitive content.

Made for Ads:

There are many apps which are publish only for ads. No matter what is their quality, if your app contains lot of ads only to earn fast, your app will consider in this category of google play store android app spam policy.


This is all about what is developer spam/scam policy of google play store? This developer spam/scam policy is updated few months ago and millions of apps are attacked and suspended due to violation one or more than one categories of this new scam/spam policy of play store.

Now, google play is only accepting quality apps which are meeting with their new policies. Make play store app or play store games, but do remember that if you want to protect your apps from suspension, just work hard, never do anything which is mentioned above in each category of this spam policy to protect your developer account suspended due to the violate of spam policy.

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